AMC Conference 2022

virtual conference programme

23 - 24 March 2022

Navigating Africa’s Unique Marketing Mix


Conference day 1

Wednesday, 23 March 2022
WELCOME | MC Opening Remarks

AFRICA MARKETING BAROMETER | Marketing Trends in Africa That You Can’t Ignore Anymore!

Africa is buzzing! In approximately five years’ time, there will be around 625 million mobile services subscribers on the continent. That’s three times the population of the United States. How can marketers in Africa influence their organisation in the right direction by keeping their finger on the pulse with regards to top marketing trends in Africa that they can't afford to ignore anymore? "

Q & A

THE OPPORTUNIST | African Continental Free Trade Agreement

50+ member states, 1.2 billion people, a growing middle class and a combined gross domestic product of more than US$3.4 trillion. What opportunity does the agreement present to the marketer and what role can marketing play in the implementation?

Q & A

CASE STUDY | Marketing and Supply

Multinationals looking to do business in Africa have to be strategic not only about how they position their products in the continent but also where they distribute from. An effective and convenient distribution network will ensure supply even in times of crisis.

What distribution points create the most efficient supply to the market? And how do you build a resilient distribution network?

Q & A

PANEL DISCUSSION | How To Market in Africa

Africa is a vast continent with over 2000 languages and over 3000 diverse tribes? When doing business here, marketers should take into consideration cultural, financial and legal considerations. Get practical ideas on how to balance off this matrix and make doing business in Africa a walk in the park


DIGITAL DARWINISM | Is Marketing a Victim?

How marketers can keep up with the evolution of consumer behavior when society and technology is evolving faster than the ability to exploit it.

Q & A

CASE STUDY | Doing Business Across African Borders

Research is key to success in doing business in Africa. But with all the data laws and protection of personal information laws getting tighter and tighter, where and how do you get first-party data? How serious are data laws in Africa?

Q & A

THE INFLUENCER INTERVIEW | Fire Chat With Nick Robinson

Join Nick - Digital Demand Generation Director, SAP North America as he shares real life experiences on strategy games for marketers. How does content marketing fit into your overall marketing strategy? What are your top KPIs used to measure performance of marketers and their strategies?

Q & A

LEAD GENERATION IN A DIGITAL AND VIRTUAL WORLD | Marketers, Without Leads, You are Dead!

Learn how lead generation should fit into your entire marketing strategy because this is where it all starts. What are the most effective ways to start generating leads for your company in the virtual world?

MARKETING ANALYTICS | What It Really Means, Why You Should Care And How To Get Better At It

This is the dollars and sense of marketing. Understand how to make sense of your reports.

- Measure, Manage, Analyse - Maximise effectiveness and optimise return on investment (ROI).
- Forget and minimise wasted web marketing dollars.

Q & A

CUSTOMER CASE STUDY | Video Marketing - Making it Effective

About 45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week. This video marketing case study will be compelling in demonstrating how to attract potential customers who prefer watching a video over reading text.

How can you combine social media and videos to effectively attract customers and retain them?

MARKETING ANALYTICS | How and Where to Start

The Web is clearly the only game in town. When implementing your search efforts, what steps should you be sure to keep in mind? What are the most common mistakes marketers make when implementing paid search marketing?

Q & A

APTITUDE FOR BUSINESS | Social Media Marketing for Business

Your customers are already interacting with brands through social media and if you are not speaking directly to your audience through social platforms, you are missing out!

Don't just post, interact and influence perception.

Learn how to align social media interactions and business growth

WINNING AdWords CAMPAIGNS | Improve Your Marketing Strategy with the AdWords Performance Grader

The strength of your Adwords campaigns will dictate how well you rank in Google. So without a decent ranking, your site will never be seen by prospective clients.

Learn how to evaluate your AdWords campaigns and pinpoint their overall performance and key criteria using AdWords Performance Grader.

Q & A

SOCIAL MEDIA SURVEY | Which Social Media Platforms Will Influence Consumer Behaviours The Most in 2022?

Discussing social media marketing trends in 2021 - Learn how to track where social media is headed.

MARKETING ANALYTICS SIMPLIFIED | Important KPIs/Metrics to Measure Marketing Performance

- CPC (Cost Per Click)
- Online Marketing ROI
- Social Media Reach
- Cost of Customer Acquisition (COCA)
- Click-Through Rate (CTR)
- Marketing Revenue Attribution
- Cost Per Lead (CPL)

Q & A
End of Day

Conference day 2

Thursday, 24 March 2022
WELCOME | MC Opening Remarks

OPENING INTERNATIONAL DISCUSSION | 5 Marketing Missed Opportunities for Africa During COVID-19

The CMO Survey conducted a Special COVID-19 Edition, asking marketing leaders in for-profit companies to share their survival strategies, KPIs, and predictions about the future. We share the most surprising (and missed) strategies and missed opportunities for Africa from the survey.

Q & A

MARKETING ROCKSTARS SYMPOSIUM | Understanding the Rapidly Changing Marketing Mix in Africa

MARKETING ROCKSTAR 1 | Adapt Your Marketing Strategy for the Never Normal World
With every ad campaign, message and channel, you set the tone for how customers perceive the brand during a difficult time. This talk will help you anticipate the future and create suitable action plans to stay ahead of market disruption, post pandemic style.

Christine Moorman, Lauren Kirby, Torren McCarthy and Brittney Shkil - to invite

MARKETING ROCKSTAR 2 | Rejuvenating the African Marketing Mix

COVID-19 continues to change consumer behavior in many important ways. Catch up to the great digital migration to expand customer boaders. Here is how marketing leaders can adapt.

MARKETING ROCKSTAR 3 | New ‘Service Platforms’ to Help Consumers Take Care of Business in Africa

During COVID-19, people are not only increasingly buying online; they expect to perform other tasks and access services as well. For marketers, this increasing consumer confidence suggests a potential surge in demand and an opportunity to create new connections with people. What are the hottest available ""new servise platforms"" to connect with clients?


A NEVER NORMAL WORLD | Lessons Learnt - Marketing to People in Africa Who Work from Home and Never Travel

It’s hard to know what’s to come and when during this uncertain time. Marketers may not be able to complete a timeline for a new long-term marketing plan right now. How do you compete and stay relevant when people are working from home and only interacting virtually?


Q & A


INTERNATIONAL MARKETING INSIGHT | How Google Glass Failed and Lessons for Marketers!

Google Glass was one of the first large-scale attempts at capitalising on artificial reality. The buzz around the product was crazy and it had so much potential. But when the product launched, it underwhelmed the public. Why did it fail and what lessons can marketers learn about product launch, pricing and privacy concerns?

Q & A
How to Survive Your First Year as a Marketer
Content Writing for Marketers 101
Programmatic Marketing

The corporate world can be a very tricky affair for new marketers. You will quickly need to move from book smart to street smart. How, then do you navigate the corporate jungle and survive your first year in blue-chip organisations across Africa?

This workshop will prepare you to succeed in your first role after school and is designed to bridge the gap between the theory you are learning now and the practical skills you need to get enhanced performance and agility.


- Communication + Soft Skills
- Design Thinking
- Strategic Thinking
- Strategic Leadership

It’s often said that “content is king.” Don't just write - change, create and inspire! Quality content that delivers valuable, relevant information is the linchpin of most successful marketing campaigns. According to a recent survey, 70% of marketers surveyed are actively investing in content marketing and advising others to do so as well. Your content demonstrates why people should care about your products and services.


- The different types of content and how to write it.
- Developing flexibility in your content to match your brand’s voice
- Creativity, style and passion
- Writing for millennials

Programmatic advertising is gaining momentum. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here and has completely changed the way digital platforms work, providing brands with a much more cost-effective way to engage with customers.


- In the age of stringent data privacy, what are the risk and how do you come up with a winning programmatic advertising strategy?
- Which should you go for: programmatic vs performance marketing?




STRATEGISING THROUGH UNCERTAINTY | Life Never Stopped - Outdated Marketing Strategies Did.

It might have felt like the world stopped, but people were still living their lives and connecting with each other and businesses (just 6ft apart or virtually). What are the most enduring marketing strategies that stood out for marketers?




THE FUTURE OF MARKETING | In Conversation With Nunu Ntshingila-Njeke

Nunu Ntshingila-Njeke is Facebook’s head of Africa, responsible for leading the team that engages with agencies and brands across the continent to help them make the most of the platform’s offerings.



Dr Kin Kariisa

Group CEO - Next Media

Dr. Kin Kariisa is an extraordinary force at the helm of Next Media Services, a conglomerate encompassing NBS TV, Nile Post, Sanyuka TV, Next Radio, Salam TV, Next Communication, Next Productions, and an array of other influential enterprises. His dynamic role as Chief Executive Officer exemplifies his unwavering commitment to shaping media, business, and community landscapes.
With an esteemed academic journey, Dr. Kariisa’s accolades include an Honorary PhD in exemplary community service from the United Graduate College inTexas, an MBA from United States International University in Nairobi, Kenya, a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering from Huazong University in China, and a Bachelor’s degree in Statistics from Makerere University.
Dr. Kariisa pursued PhD research in Computer Security and Identity Management at Security of Systems Group, Radboud University in Nijmegen, Netherlands. As a dynamic educator, he has shared his expertise as a lecturer of e-Government and Information Security at both Makerere University and Radboud University.

Dr Kin did his PhD research in Computer Security and Identity Management at Security of Systems Group, Radbond University in Nigmegen, Netherlands. He previously served as a lecturer of e-Government and Information Security at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda and Radbond University in Netherlands.

Dr Kin did his postgraduate courses in Strategic Business Management, Strategic Leadership Communication and Strategies for Leading Successful Change Initiatives at Harvard University, Boston USA.

  • Other current and previous roles played by Dr Kin Kariisa:
  • Lecturer of e-Government and Information Security to graduate students at Makerere University, Kampala and Radbond University in the Netherlands
  • Director of Eco Bank Uganda Limited, one of the largest banks in Africa
  • Chairman of the National Association of Broadcasters, an umbrella industry association for all Television, Radio and online broadcasters in Uganda.
  • Chairman of Board of Directors of Nile Hotel International, that owns the leading hotel in Uganda, Kampala Serena Hotel.
  • Chairman of Board of Directors of Soliton Telmec Uganda, the leading telecom company in Optic fibre business managing over 80% of optic fibre in Uganda.