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The Chartered Marketer (Africa) is the Continent’s highest professional marketing designation

The CM(A) is a designation awarded by the African Marketing Confederation (AMC) to the top marketing professionals on the continent.

It is the first Pan-African professional marketing designation awarded to senior marketers in recognition of their marketing experiences and skills.

The programme is unique, the application process is rigorous and of the highest quality, peer reviewed and culminates in the submission of a White Paper or Case Study at the highest level.

The CM(A) designation is awarded to an individual in recognition of that individual’s professional status as one of Africa’s distinguished marketing practitioners.

It validates a commitment to best marketing practices, continued self-development and a dedication to excellence in practical and/or academic marketing applications in Africa.

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Closing Date: 31 May 2023

The CM(A) is a unique programme, with emphasis on diversified markets that need to successfully operate within complicated and varying political and social systems, each with its own levels of economic development and marketing and advertising opportunities.

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