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By our News Team | 2023

Issue 1 2023 of Strategic Marketing for Africa, the magazine for deep-thinking industry professionals, provides in-depth insights.

The latest issue of Strategic Marketing for Africa, the quarterly magazine of the African Marketing Confederation (AMC), is available online via the AMC website and remains current until end June 2023.

Issue 1 2023 (and the 7th magazine since the revival of the AMC as the pan-African marketing body) is packed with marketing-related news and in-depth features from across Africa and around the world.

African Marketing News

Issue 1 2023 of Strategic Marketing for Africa remains current until end June 2023. Illustration: African Marketing Confederation

Our Cover Story in this issue examines how chat commerce, also sometimes known as conversational commerce, is finding fertile ground across Africa among marketers and customer service professionals.

Messaging apps, chatbots, voice assistants and chat apps are being used by large and small companies alike to streamline and support the customer experience.

On a demographically young continent like Africa – where mobile penetration is growing rapidly in key markets such as Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Kenya and Ethiopia – the potential for chat commerce’s mobile customer engagement solutions is particularly exciting. 

North African consumer trends unpacked

Also under the spotlight in this issue are the consumer trends that are reshaping the dynamic North African market.

Research undertaken in 2022 highlighted how consumers in the region are expected to increase their spending by 40% over the coming year or two, making it crucial that marketers targeting this audience be sensitive to North Africans’ needs and wants, so as to to place their brands top of mind with this market.

What influences young people in Africa?

How are Africa’s young people – that huge consumer audience aged between 18 and 35 – being influenced? This is what a recent study set out to determine through a survey of 4,500 people in nine countries on the continent.

It found that religion, pop culture and community culture are the biggest influences. Family and friends, as well as social media, are also influential.

Where is the intra-Africa trade rush?

A year on, in which some commentators lament that not much seems to have been achieved by the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), we explore progress made to date and what marketers can do to help fulfil the promise of unrestricted trade and a new era of economic prosperity on the continent.

You will find these stories, and much more, in the latest Strategic Marketing for Africa – the voice of African marketing and the official publication of the African Marketing Confederation (AMC). Read it online here. A print edition of the magazine is also available.