Traditional advertising under the spotlight at IMM Friday FlashTalk

By our News Team | 2023

A swing to digital media has occurred in many parts of the world. But, in African markets, traditional advertising appears to remain strong.

The Institute of Marketing Management South Africa is presenting the second in its series of IMM Friday FlashTalks this coming Friday (28 April) at 09:30am.

These podcasts are held on the last Friday of each month, anchored by renowned journalist Govan Whittles and with insights from marketing enthusiast Tarisai Moffat. 

Each month the FlashTalks host thought leaders, visionaries and movers-and-shakers on marketing matters in Africa.

Marketing Knowledge

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The topic this Friday is ‘Traditional Advertising: Is it Alive and Well in SA?’ The guests are Tendai Luwo, Head of Strategy at leading specialist strategic agency David & Langton, and David Gorin of Africa-focused media/advertising representative company Marnox Media.

Swing to digital less pronounced in Africa

In an article on the topic of Traditional Advertising, published in Issue 4 2022 of Strategic Marketing for Africa, the magazine of the African Marketing Confederation, Gorin noted that the swing to digital media has not occurred in Africa to the same extent as in highly developed markets. 

“Certainly, digital media have taken significant ad-spend share from TV, radio, and print. But, with the general exception of print, traditional media have at least held their own, overall. And, in many countries, the explosion of OOH formats has seen increased allocations to that form of traditional media – long a stalwart for delivering reach and awareness,” he said.

Whether the year ahead will see an uptick in advertising spending in Africa – traditional or non-traditional – depends significantly on economic conditions. Tough times may translate to static or pared-back ad budgets, Gorin added.

“In the context of African countries’ media, market, and population landscapes, our view is that traditional media will continue to be the bedrock of most marketers’ advertising strategies,” he said.

You can register for this Friday’s IMM Friday FlashTalk here: https://imminstitute.co.za/imm-fridays-flashtalks/