Podcasting under the spotlight at inaugural IMM Friday FlashTalk

By our News Team | 2023

Podcasting guru Jon Savage to discuss whether podcasts are the ‘comeback kid in marketing’s rock ‘n roll band?’

The Institute of Marketing Management SA will be presenting a series of IMM Friday FlashTalks, beginning this week.

These podcasts are being held the last Friday of each month, anchored by renowned journalist Govan Whittles and with insights from marketing enthusiast Tarisai Moffat. 

Each month the FlashTalks will host thought leaders, visionaries and movers-and-shakers on marketing matters in Africa.

Marketing Knowledge

Photo by Harry Cunningham from Pexels

The topic this Friday (31 March at 09:30am) is ‘The Rise of Podcasts: The comeback kid in marketing’s rock ‘n roll band?’ The guest is Jon Savage – director, content strategist, podcaster and musician.

Podcasting is proving increasingly popular in Africa and around the world. Strategic Marketing for Africa, the magazine of the African Marketing Confederation (AMC), noted in a recent cover story that, like radio, podcasting’s audio engagement is seen as a way to create memorable and emotional connections with listeners – particularly those who avoid traditional marketing platforms and are cynical of their messaging.

PwC bullish about podcast prospects in Africa

The magazine quotes the PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Africa Entertainment & Media Outlook 2022-2026 report, released in late October 2022, as being bullish about podcasting from a purely African point of view.

“Some of the most exciting developments in the media and entertainment space over the last few years have come from the digital audio sector,” the PwC researchers observed. “Podcast advertising proved itself to be largely ‘pandemic- proof’ throughout 2020, with revenue growing by 30.4% in that year in South Africa and 41.8% in Nigeria”.

They continued: “Podcast advertising is a rapidly increasing sector … with music, radio and podcast revenue [in Africa] totalling US$278-million in 2021. There will be growing interest in advertising on podcast platforms and alongside podcast content. Those services with stronger content portfolios and wider listener bases will benefit the most, but there are some hurdles to overcome.”

You can register for this Friday’s IMM Friday FlashTalk here: https://imminstitute.co.za/imm-fridays-flashtalks/