Partnership to develop Web3 solutions for brands in SSA region

By our News Team | 2023

Ogilvy Africa and Savannah Labs will collaborate and share complementary skills and competencies to bring Web3 tools to marketers.

Brand communications network, Ogilvy Africa, has announced a strategic partnership with Kenyan-founded blockchain company Savannah Labs. The aim is to become a leading developer of Web 3.0 (Web3) solutions for brands and marketers in sub-Saharan Africa.

According to the two companies, their joint vision for a more democratic version of today’s online world is one where “Web3 will reduce the control of data by the few, empowering individuals to connect, collaborate and transact peer-to-peer”.

Online Strategy

Mowgli Dodhia (left) and Vikas Mehta. Photo credit: Ogilvy Africa/ Savannah Labs

The duo add that Web 3, underpinned by blockchain technology and the Metaverse, will change our relationships with the online world profoundly.

Through this agreement, Ogilvy Africa and Savannah Labs will collaborate and share complementary skills and competencies currently available in the two organisations.

Ogilvy Africa brings its solution expertise in marketing and a deep understanding of the continent, while Savannah Labs brings technology expertise in blockchain and other Web3 technologies.

A great leveller for developed and emerging markets

“The recency of Web3 could prove to be a great leveller for developed and emerging markets. We believe the most valuable marketing use cases of Web3 are yet to be established. Through this partnership with Savannah, we wish to bring the tools to marketers and brands in Africa to explore the potential of Web3 for their businesses,” says Vikas Mehta, Chief Executive Officer at Ogilvy Africa.

“Together with Savannah Labs, we are creating a sandbox for leading marketers and bold brands to play with Web3 and shape their future with our help,” he adds.

The offerings will be available to clients in all 39 countries across sub-Saharan Africa where Ogilvy Africa operates, with the company claiming that this is the first of its kind in East, Central and West Africa.

Mowgli Dodhia, CEO and co-founder of Savannah Labs, notes: “Our aim is to help brands and enterprises navigate the emerging world of Web3 by forging strategic alliances between organisations. Our partnership is tech and blockchain-agnostic, so we can help people find the perfect solutions for their business strategies, existing tech stacks and ambitions in Web3.”

“There are immense opportunities to deliver innovative and exciting experiences for brands, businesses and their audiences across the continent over the coming years.”

According to Wikipedia, Web3 is an idea for a new iteration of the World Wide Web which incorporates concepts such as decentralisation, blockchain technologies and token-based economics.