Nike creates the most commercial ad value on social media, report finds

By our News Team | 2022

Study of sports industry in 2021 says Nike leveraged a massive 16 236 commercial partners on social media to produce US$617m in ad value.

Sportswear brand Nike created the most commercial ad value on social media in the sports industry in 2021. 

Data presented by the website SafeBettingSites.com found that Nike produced US$617-million worth of ad value through its commercial partners on various social platforms. Adidas finished in second place.

According to the website’s research, Nike has the highest number of commercial partnerships in the sports industry at 16 236 partners. Hence, it should not be a surprise to see the brand producing the most ad value through its social engagements.

“However, it is interesting that Adidas, second on the list with US$343-million worth of advertising value, doesn’t come anywhere near Nike. The German brand managed the distant second spot with 9 181 partnerships,” the report notes.

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Information courtesy of SafeBettingSites.com

Emirates also a big social media player

Emirates, the Dubai-based airline, is third on the list. Although not a sporting brand, it invests heavily in sporting sponsorships and related marketing activity. It produced a $220-million worth of ad value on social media through its 2 269 sporting partnerships.

Spanish financial company Santander also relies hugely on sports to advertise itself. It produced $187-million value worth of exposure in social media engagements through a total of 1173 partners. 

Energy drink Red Bull fills the fifth spot on the list with $162m in ad value on social media. At 4 611, Red Bull’s number of partners is significantly higher than both Emirates and Santander.

German sportswear brand Puma finished sixth in the list. Puma is a popular sports brand and it might surprise some to see it this low on the list. Indeed, according to the report, Puma has the highest number of commercial partnerships in sports behind Nike and Adidas – at 4 961. However, the company generated only $150-million in social media ad value last year.