Twiga opens new food retail distribution centre just outside Nairobi​

By our News Team | 2022

More than 140,000 retailers in Kenya and Uganda will enjoy improved product assortment and affordability, company says.

Twiga Foods, the Kenyan-based business-to-business marketplace platform that sources produce directly from farmers and delivers it to urban retailers, has opened a new distribution centre in Tatu City, 16 kilometres north of Nairobi.

The 18 500 square-metre facility that will allow Twiga to link farm produce with manufacturers and brand owners across East Africa.

Supply Chain

Photo courtesy of Twiga

“This will give access to over 140,000 retailers, which will improve product assortment and affordability across the region,” said Peter Njonjo, Twiga’s Chief Executive, at the official opening ceremony.

He added that the world-class facility will help push the company’s daily handling capacity to 8-million kg and form the backbone of Twiga’s supply chain in Kenya and Uganda.

Njonjo further stated that the distribution centre will ensure convenient and affordable distribution of food and retail commodities in the region.

President of Kenya attends official opening

Among those present at the ceremony was the President of Kenya, William Ruto, and the Cabinet Secretary for Trade, Investment and Industry, Moses Kuria.

Twiga noted in a media statement that the facility has the latest logistics and warehouse technology. These include large-capacity storage areas fitted with racking systems, banana rooms, modern dock-door systems, and product scanners which have enhanced food traceability, among other functions. 

The automated facility will see the company expand its overall capacity and ability to deliver a selection of fresh produce and retail products to customers.

“In the last eight years, Twiga has touched over 140,000 small retailers across Kenya – about 25% of the entire industry,” the company says.

“In our journey, we have built a deep understanding of how to innovate in the African retail market. We are embracing independent retailers and giving them greater access to high-quality foods, produce and consumer goods by leveraging the latest technology and the ubiquity of mobile phones, combined with modern distribution and logistics.”