Younger consumers expect an exceptional online presence - study

By our News Team | 2021

Being online is critical for any businesses. But a new study is emphasising the high expectations of Millennials and Gen Zers.

A new Australian study is emphasising just how important it is for businesses to have an outstanding online presence in order to attract younger consumers. 

According to the results of the research – carried out by YouGov, an internet-based market research and data analytics firm, in conjunction with Squarespace, a website building and hosting company – Millennials and Gen Zs will likely question the legitimacy of a business if it does not have what is, in their view, an outstanding online presence. 

While companies have long been aware of the necessity of an online presence, ‘close enough is good enough’ will not hack it with these tech-savvy and highly demanding potential customers. Instead, they expect to see excellence in website design and functionality.

Online strategy

Image by Kevin Phillips from Pixabay

Indeed, Gen Z consumers even believe that their online experience is more important than in-person, with a significant 65% of survey respondents saying they are most likely to believe that their online footprint is an extension of their physical persona.

Indication of where interpersonal priorities lie

Remarkably, 58% of Millennials and Gen Z said they were more likely to recall the colour of a website than they were to remember the colour of someone’s eyes – giving a stark indication of where their interpersonal priorities lie.

Additionally, 51% of Millennials and Gen Z told researchers that they were more likely to shop at a business again if its website was well done. Twenty-one percent even indicated that a well-designed website would convince them to spend more money.

Overall, a whopping 82% of Australians will look up a business online before using its services.

“The findings of this study show that some people are basing real-life decisions on what they see online – such as who they date, where they eat and what they buy,” said Kinjil Mathur, Chief Marketing Officer at Squarespace.

“The survey suggested that Australians visit more than 3 200 websites in a year on average and are more likely to remember the last website they visited than their tax file number. It’s clear that it has never been more important for brands and individuals to consider how they present themselves online.”