Black Friday becomes ‘Black November’ as retailers fight for customers

By our News Team | 2021

The ‘biggest trading day of the year’ may become the ‘biggest trading month of the year’ as retailers compete for bargain-hungry shoppers.

Looking for some pre-Christmas shopping bargains? Then, as consumers across Africa and around the world have come to realise, Black Friday is the place to start. 

And, as the once-American concept continues to gain major traction, the one-day-only Black Friday concept has now expanded to stretch over days, if not weeks, during November.

According to South African retailer Game, which operates hundreds of outlets nationwide, its most recent consumer survey has found that despite 2021 being a challenging year economically, 67% of local consumers are hoping to find the best deals on popular items during what Game is calling ‘Black November’.

Findings from the survey showed that groceries and essential items (77%), appliances (63%) and electronics (62%) were the most popular categories that consumers were looking to save on.

Black Friday shopping

Image by imthan from Pixabay

Bargain TVs and laptops on shoppers’ list 

Based on data mined from a Black November competition that the retailer is running, Game found its customers were most interested in purchasing Smart and LED TVs this year – followed by laptops and smartphones. Appliances such as fridges, washing machines and microwaves were also popular options amongst competition entrants.

“While big-ticket items are always on consumer’s shopping lists during our Black November month, many of our competition entrants also said they’d like to stock their pantries and cupboards with more essential items this year – such as non-perishable food items and nappies, as popular options,” explained Katherine Madley, Vice President of Marketing for the brand.

“This is proof of how stretched the consumer budget is in 2021 and follows the trend we have seen with consumer shopping habits over the last 18 months, where shopping has become about essential needs rather than luxury items and wants.”

Madley added: “Due to the shopping extravaganza that is Black Friday, which has now become Black November, retailers need to stay ahead of curve by reimagining the way they offer deals to consumers.”