Global customer-centricity awards prove enlightening for local agency

By our News Team | 2023

Collecting customer feedback and data, but not knowing what to do next, has been a major problem for businesses, says agency boss.

South African customer experience company, Nlightencx, won CX Agency of the Year at the inaugural Customer Centricity World Series Virtual Ceremony held on 18 May. The global event, which had over 200 entries from 98 companies across 26 countries, recognises the world’s most customer-centric businesses.

“Not only is it an honour to be recognised on the global stage, but to represent South Africa as leaders in the CX space,” says CEO of Nlightencx, Nathalie Schooling.

Customer Experience

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

“Very often SA service gets a bad rap, but local companies have a lot to offer when it comes to good CX, and it’s a privilege to be at the forefront of helping these companies to reach their full CX potential.”

Demonstrate CX methodologies and tools

The agency was also shortlisted for the CX Solution of the Year award, as well as the Customer Insight & Feedback (VOC) award. To win in the Agency of the Year category, Nlightencx had to demonstrate how it develops and implements superior CX (customer experience) methodologies and tools to increase customer satisfaction for its clients.

“Great CX is about truly understanding what people want and need. Relying purely on collecting customer feedback and data and not knowing what to do next has been a major problem for SA businesses, and this is the gap we’ve worked hard to successfully fill,” says Schooling. 

She adds that, in working with some of the country’s most renowned and established brands, the company has seen first-hand how customer experience can make or break a business.

“If I can leave SA companies with one message, it’s don’t get complacent. We are living in tough times with businesses coming up against challenges like loadshedding (scheduled electricity interruptions) and rising living costs. In keeping your eye on the CX ball, you have a better chance of retaining your client base and can even enjoy growth in an unfavourable business climate,” states Schooling.