‘Giant bench’ campaign gives a unique perspective on climate change

By our News Team | 2022

Danish broadcasting company finds a hard-hitting way to remind Copenhagen city residents how global warming could change their lives.

Climate change is much talked about. But, with so much clutter in this space, how does a brand that wants to make a statement ensure that it stands out from the crowd?

TV 2 Denmark, a Danish broadcasting company, recently decided it wanted to do its bit for the environment while at the same time ensuring it could grab the attention of the public, the mainstream media, and go viral on social media as well.

Guerrilla Marketing

Photo credit: TV2 Denmark

In collaboration with the municipality of Copenhagen, Denmark’s largest city, TV2 opted to place 15 benches in prominent places in the city. What made the benches special – and gave them guerrilla marketing appeal – is that they were around four times higher than your average bench!

The aim was to emphasise how sea levels, according to a recent United Nations report, are expected to rise by up to one meter by 2100 if global warming continues. 

Warning that flooding will be an everyday event

To emphasise the point, a copper plaque was fixed to the benches and read: “Flooding will become part of our everyday life unless we start doing something about our climate.”

Copenhagen, like the rest of Denmark, is especially prone to any potential effects of a rise in sea and river levels because it is such a low-lying area. Therefore, the campaign had a special resonance with locals.

The guerrilla OOH strategy is being supported by a TV spot, outdoor, print ads and an influencer campaign consisting of well-known Danish actors, artists, musicians, designers and famous architect Bjarke Ingels.

Denmark has taken a strong stance on reducing carbon emissions and is considered a pioneer in sustainable decarbonization. It has a goal of decreasing its emissions by around 70% in 10 years.