‘Keep it simple stupid’ is the way to keep customers happy

By our News Team | 2021

Researchers say businesses are confusing their customers by making product offerings and the customer journey too complicated.

Keep it simple stupid! New research from the University of Western Australia shows consumers crave less choice and simpler experiences – despite companies offering more options, promotions and price variations than ever.

The results of the study, published recently in the International Journal of Management, found that bringing down customers’ mental load during shopping creates value for shoppers, as well as the companies selling the items.

Dr Richard Gruner and Professor Geoff Soutar from the university’s Business School explored the concept of cognitive simplicity (basically how well people perceive things) to evaluate how it affects the value customers get from their interactions with businesses.

According to Dr Gruner, consumers have become mentally fatigued from the increasing number of choices they have to make every day, and to be successful companies should try to avoid adding to this complexity.

Customers will pay more for simplicity

“We found consumers are willing to pay more for, and are more likely to cherish, brands they perceive as simple,” he explained.

“What matters more than an in-your-face presence is simplifying customers’ lives and solving their problems.”

The researchers found that most buyers who did not follow through on an intended purchase backed out because they were overwhelmed by information and choice.

“Consumers tend to reward companies that drive down their mental load and many brands – including Aldi (an international supermarket chain), Netflix and Google – owe some of their success to their ability to simplify consumers’ experiences,” Dr Gruner stated.

For example, one survey, conducted by leading brand consultancy Siegel+Gale with over 15,000 consumers across nine countries, found that brands perceived as providing the simplest, most seamless experiences boasted both the strongest stock performance and the most loyal customers.

At the core, smart brands make things easy and convenient for the end user through clever decisions about their product, promotion, price and distribution tactics.

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