Ghana’s maiden professional marketing qualification exam results released

By our News Team | 2022

CIMG’s National President expresses delight at the overall performance of candidates in ground-breaking examinations written in December.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing, Ghana (CIMG) has announced results of the Institute’s maiden professional marketing qualification (PMQ) examinations.

Altogether 91 candidates from two of the existing 10 Accredited Study Centres (ASCs) wrote the examinations during the December 2021 exam window. The two centres are the Ghana School of Marketing and the University of Professional Studies, Accra.

In April last year, the CIMG unveiled Ghana’s first Professional Marketing Qualifications at a colourful ceremony held at the auditorium of the University of Professional Studies, Accra campus.

Marketing Qualifications

Dr Daniel Kasser Tee, National President of the CIMG. Photo credit: CIMG

In his opening remarks at a media briefing ceremony organised by the CIMG to announce the results, the National President, Dr Daniel Kasser Tee, expressed his delight at the general performance of candidates, indicating that the Institute had recorded highly impressive average pass rates in eight out of the 11 modules written in the December 2021 exams.

Dr Kasser Tee said: “From the 11 courses mounted, a high pass rate was achieved in eight, while low pass rates were realised in the other three. We have noticed, with some disappointment, that the poor-performing areas were at the foundation stage, affecting mainly Fundamentals of Marketing and Buyer Behaviour at the entry level (Pathway 1) with an average pass rate of a mere 16%. 

“Performance in Sales and Sales Management, also a foundation stage course at Pathway 3, was equally relatively bad, with only a 22% pass rate. 

Performances in other eight courses were impressive 

“With the exception of these, performances for the remaining eight courses were very impressive, considering that this was the maiden exams with no past questions and no chief examiners report, among other things. The average pass rate of these eight courses was a remarkable 82% – comprising one paper at Pathway 2, three papers at Pathway 3 and four papers at Pathway 5.”

He further indicated that CIMG’s standards and expectations from the ASCs will continue to be under constant scrutiny as part of the Institute’s periodic audit and assessment of centres. This, he indicated, serves as a signal to all ASCs to examine the level of preparedness of prospective students for the foundation courses before enrolment, as such candidates form the bedrock upon which excellent professional marketers will be developed. 

“We will continuously engage all centres to collectively agree on measures to fine-tune the mode of delivery and the calibre of tutors selected for these programmes”, emphasised Dr Kasser Tee.

The Consulting Director of Education, Mr Adam Sulley, reiterated that despite the success of the exams, the prospects for further improvement are good for the next batch of candidates. He made this statement in response to a question on targets for future examinations.

“The good thing that has happened with CIMG and [the] Professional Marketing Qualifications is that this is the first time a professional body has engaged effectively both traditional and technical universities in terms of partnering with us to deliver our professional programmes. 

“So, the prospects look very good. I must confess that the situation gets very exciting at every step of the journey. Attracting 120 learners to enrol as student-marketers, out of which 91 sat the maiden exams, is a remarkable achievement. It is something we should be very proud of. 

“We are looking at year two moving up to between 200 and 300 learners. By year three, we should be hitting about five or six hundred,” Mr Sulley explained.