Pan-African media research body hosts 2021 annual conference

By our News Team | 2021

‘Finding Certainty in Uncertain Times Through Measurement’ will be the theme of this year’s three-day conference in October.

The Pan-African Media Research Organisation (Pamro) – the continent’s industry forum for organisations operating in the media research, measurement and analytical space – is hosting its 22nd annual conference.

Due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions it will be the second virtual conference and is scheduled to take place over three days, from 26-28 October.

The conference is aimed at all professionals and businesses interested in best practice in the media research industry. This includes research providers, media owners, marketers, brand managers and advertising executives.

According to Pamro, the aim is to facilitate a meaningful exchange of knowledge between the brightest minds in global and African industry thinking.

“This wealth of information comes at a pivotal time where we, as an industry, have had to navigate the challenges of an evolving media landscape as well as the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on how we conduct business,” says Sifiso Falala, President of Pamro.

Technology has changed the media landscape

“In addition, advancements in technology have changed the media landscape and consumer behaviour. The goal of Pamro is to harmonise research methodologies, consolidating the most meaningful data available in order for the industry as a whole to benefit from a harmonious and sound methodological approach.”

Falala adds: “We believe that this will ultimately assist in finding certainty in uncertain times through measurement.”

Conference sessions will encompass a variety of formats including panel discussions, case studies, presentation of papers and outcomes from media audience research activities. Topics will range from elevated media practice in Africa, consumer behaviour insights, global media trends and challenges, to research methodologies and strategic recommendations.

The theme of this year’s gathering is ‘Finding Certainty in Uncertain Times Through Measurement’.

“Get a fresh perspective on communicating with your audiences [and] implementing content, marketing, distribution and digital strategy,” concludes Falala.