Lockdown drinks-delivery service evolves into online party planner

By our News Team | 2023

A service that home-delivered alcoholic beverages to Kenyans in lockdown has now become a one-stop shop for arranging premium parties.

An innovative alcoholic-beverage home-delivery service begun by Kenyan-based East African Breweries Limited (EABL) at the height of lockdown – when the country’s bars and clubs were closed – has recently taken a step forward with the launch of an additional service name The Bar Soiree.

Essentially, consumers can visit the company’s e-commerce platform and use the various party planning options available to quickly and conveniently ‘dial a party’. There are pre-set packages or bespoke solutions that enable Kenyan party lovers to order a DJ, a musician, specialist bar staff to create cocktails (known as ‘mixologists’), hire a bar set-up, or even bring in a specialist bottle engraver to add an additional touch of exclusivity.

Marketing Innovations

Photo by Picjumbo.com from Pexels

EABL says the service is ideal for weddings, office parties, business events, anniversaries and the like. And, of course, alcoholic beverages and mixers can be ordered as well.

A response to changing consumer behaviour

“Ever since Ke.thebar.com started a partnership with our distributors and retail customers in response to changing consumer behaviour, we have noted that more consumers are hosting events, especially during the festive season requiring customised and personalised solutions” This new offering will take the hassle out of hosting,” said Head of Media Features at EABL, Waithera Kabiru, during the launch event in December.

“It is more than just a functional benefit: The Bar Soiree packages provide access to premium drinks, mixers, bar set up, mixologists, entertainers and more whilst also connecting consumers to vetted event planners to deliver the rest of the experience at the click of a button.”

Added Anne Joy Michira, EABL Marketing & Innovations Director for East Africa: “Part of our strategy as EABL this year is to connect with our consumers and party planners by offering a personalised experience that suits our customer’s needs.”